Market Research: What do dancers REALLY want?

Updated: Feb 25

So you think you know what dancers want? Let me tell you a story. As an avid dancer, I had a conviction that the most important attraction at a dance congress would obviously be the teachers, right? Well, in a fun, short survey I posted on FB for an event organizer seven years ago, we discovered from the small number of participants that the most important attraction was....

  1. the location (city)

  2. the DJ

  3. the instructors

But wait! We cannot make the assumption that this formula works for every congress in every city around the world.

In order to obtain helpful data for event organizers in other cities, I would have to do the following:

  1. extend this survey across the world, noting the region where the dancers taking the survey live (the differences in the needs and habits vary widely countries and especially, regions)

  2. offer more answers, which allows them to more specifically reflect their desires

And that's pretty much what the following is: a survey that asks more specific questions about what dancers want and also asks what region they live in, all to better our overall experience 😉

Help spread this survey around the world aiming for dancers to have better experiences at dance congresses!

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