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Privacy & Usage

Third parties

DanceVacay itself does not knowingly keep any personally identifying information gathered from your time spent on the website. Although DanceVacay does not formally have partnerships with any third parties for information sharing, nonetheless we understand that for websites to work properly, third parties such as Google, whatever browser you use, the content management service that DanceVacay employs and any plugins may be gathering information. DanceVacay is not responsible for any information such third parties may gather.


DanceVacay reviews the Google Analytics, which passes on data on how users in general - not you as an individual - use the website. This is useful for our content, website and business optimization. Our survey service stores the responses.


To understand our privacy policy and how DanceVacay itself uses your information, it is helpful to understand that DanceVacay’s missions include:

  • helping the dance lover grow in their dance and have more quality opportunities to enjoy themselves

  • offering a platform on which the dance lover can give their opinions that help guide organizers

  • helping dance-related organizations discover what the dance community wants so they can align their offerings accordingly 

  • helping promote a pro-dancer ambiance

  • helping artists and organizers succeed and prosper


To those ends, DanceVacay offers to hospitality, governmental and dance-related third parties the service of aggregate insights from our surveys, polls, questionnaires and other data collection. Some aggregate data will be shared freely, while other data and survey services will be contracted. 


“Aggregate” here includes, but is not limited to, information such as your city, age group, gender identification, ethnicity, organization type and any other information you volunteer through the questionnaires, quizzes, surveys, polls, etc. Aggregate is in contrast to personally identifiable information, meaning your name, email, street address or phone number.


When this aggregate data is delivered to third parties it is absent of any of your contact info and name. Your name and contact info is guarded for DanceVacay use only. We are interested in keeping your name and email private. In most cases, participation in surveys, polls and other questionnaires will not even require your name.


Through requests through our email subscription, website, in-person and social media you will be given an opportunity to share your email, name, etc. in a completely voluntary manner with third parties that interest you.

Your use of the website, email subscription, apps, surveys and any other online platforms

As eluded to earlier with regards to Google Analytics, DanceVacay collects usage information whenever you interact with our websites, apps, emails and services. This can include which of our pages you visit, how long you remain on those pages, what you click on, at what time you use our site, apps or services, language preference, what you buy, what site referred you, your survey answers etc. This is all standard for any business to optimize their digital offerings and make the websites and apps easier to use.


For any online or in-person purchases using your credit card or alternative, digital payment options,  DanceVacay, like any other businesses, will require the use of a third-party processing system. Any payment processed digitally will be protected by the third party’s security protocols. DanceVacay is uninterested in keeping your credit card, usernames or bank numbers in our system upon completion of the transaction.


DanceVacay may use your information to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.

Data retention

DanceVacay reserves the right to purge your username and account information at any time.

Changes to our privacy policy

We can make changes to the privacy notice at any time.

Your rights

Depending on your local law, you can request to obtain information about yourself or to correct, update or delete that information. The extent to this right is subject to exceptions or limitations according to local laws. We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity and we will respond to your request to exercise these rights within a reasonable time. As far as your responses to a survey, questionnaire, etc., these are important to the missions stated above with regards to helping grow and support the success of the dance community and will not be deleted, although any personally identifiable information can be deleted, such as your name and email. Reminder, your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties who are requesting aggregate responses. 


If you don't wish to participate in surveys or anything further with DanceVacay, please delete cookies in your browser to avoid any further tracking of your movements by third parties.

Exercising your rights

Please use our contact form and write in the subject line: PRIVACY RIGHTS ON DANCEVACAY and make your requests or ask your questions in the body of the email.


We encourage you to first contact DanceVacay through the form. We have no interest in using your personal information without your explicit okay. DanceVacay simply aims to help the dance community grow stronger and increase the quality of event offerings! If you are dissatisfied with how we have managed a complaint you have submitted to us, however, you are entitled to contact your local data protection supervisory authority.

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