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Dancevacay in
Puerto rico

Friday, January 26 - 

Tuesday, January 30


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One of the various great nights for Salsa dancing in Puerto Rico with the locals!

Do you love to dance Salsa? This DanceVacay in the metropolitan area of Puerto Rico is for you!

In 4 days enjoy:

  • local, Puerto Rican Bomba, Salsa dance, and music teachers

  • take classes from some of these knowledgable instructors

  • Salsa dancing with locals

  • renowned beaches

  • Salsa socials

  • foodie tour... the way Puerto Ricans do it 😉



  1. Accommodations

  2. Dance classes and workshops

  3. Transportation to and from the airport in a shared shuttle

  4. Breakfast (served once daily)


  1. Airfare

  2. Any other meals or beverages

  3. Transport to and from locations (rental car or driver and van quoted separately)

3-bedroom apartment in Puerto Rico, near El Condado area. One queen-sized bed and two full-sized beds. To be confirmed.

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