Why Miami and South Florida are the Best for Dancers Right Now

Miami just overtook the Big Apple as the most expensive housing market. Why? People are flocking to Florida. And that includes dancers! Several dancers from California, Massachusetts, Texas, New York, Panama and Europe are gracing the dance floors in Southern Florida and adding to the diversity in style.

The ridiculously out-of-control housing pricing in Miami may discourage most dancers from living here, however. World champions, Ernesto & Denisse, have chosen Tampa as home and are starting presentation teams there. Orlando is another hotspot for new dancers.

Organizers, instructors and die-hard Bachateros, James Sedano and Bachata Overdose instructors are in Miami kicking off a really nice Salsa & Bachata social in a large, long-standing studio in the heart of Little Havana on Fridays.

With more dancers come more opportunities to learn, exchange, improve and have an amazing time!

These dancers, in turn, retain their connections to their home cities and your network and knowledge is easily amplified.

So when it's time to travel ✈️ ... you've got a head's up 😉

Are you new to South Florida?

If you're from out of state and have moved to South Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Daytona and anywhere south even to the Florida Keys) add your original location and let us know where you've moved!

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