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St Martin

French and Dutch personalities on one fascinating Caribbean island!

St Martin weekender Dalia.jpg

About St Martin

This underrated island has a fascinating duality. Easy to cross between the French and Dutch side, it's like the island has two personalities. One side has sleeker hotels and large restaurants. On the other you have a more Caribbean, local feel, and gems that the locals know about but you can just as easily find and enjoy. My first time on the island was on a cruise ship and it just didn't give the island a fair shake. So don't judge based on a pit stop at their port! There's more to this island, especially for those who prefer to avoid the hoards of tourists.

What about the dancing?

There are Salsa and Kizomba teachers, each of which have done a great job in teaching at a good level within their small communities. You won't get the sheer numbers of dancers at a social that you would in the U.S. or Europe, but, again the level is good. They tend to hold socials in restaurant-bars with a genuine, island feel. 

Getting to St Martin

The St Martin Airport (SXM) hosts large airlines like Spirit and American Airlines. You can get a round-trip flight from Florida for as little as $120. 

St Martin is a perfect, inexpensive getaway to a unique location that isn't overrun with tourists. And bonus, you get to have some good dances in Salsa and Kizomba! The community here is close-knit and will love to dance with you!

We're planning a weekend getaway in St Martin!


Dates TBD

Since I've spent half of my time in the islands in the Caribbean, my Florida friends have exclaimed that they want to visit me in St Martin. So, we're setting it up. Dates are to be determined, but we're organizing a fun Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata class on the island, with some optional foodie trips to interesting restaurants and, of course, dancing on the beach!


  1. Accommodations

  2. Dance classes and workshops

  3. Transportation to and from the airport in a shared shuttle


  1. Airfare

  2. Meals and beverages

  3. Transport to and from locations (rental car or driver and van quoted separately)

For the date announcement for this St Martin dance weekender, follow my Instagram.

UPDATED April 27, 2024

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