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17 July 2024 - 15 August 2024

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UrbanKiz in Paris

UrbanKiz was inspired by Parisians. Once here you'll understand why they added their flavor to Kizomba to create a whole new genre. The cultural milleu of North and Subsaharan Africans, and urban music in an urban Paris made it an inevitable adaptation.


  • Your classes will be with local dance instructors in a dance class full of local dancers. Take classes from long-time instructors that have been the motor for the development of UrbanKiz. You'll also get to take classes with talented, emerging instructors.

  • Get help finding lodging in an area (arrondisement) as close to the best studios and dance socials. I've tried and mapped all of the best schools in the city, so you'll get good advice picking convenient lodging!

  • Find out where the free dance socials are!

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