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 Our Vision

To offer other dancers all of the wonderul opportunities to dance and spend real time abroad learning about the culture of the dance as well as dance steps.

While you're at it, help us make a statement.


Stop buying products that will remain in the Earth for hundreds of years and poison us. DanceVacay is committed to selling only truly biodegradable materials whenever possible.

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About dalia

Admittedly, the founder, Dalia, is a dance addict. She is constantly improving herself as a dancer.

Living in Miami, she's plugged in to the dance scene and knows where the Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Zouk dancers are dancing!


And having worked in content, the media as well as  marketing - remotely since 2005! - it was only natural that she create a dance-related website.

COVID stopped her travels only for a short time. But even in the face of new variants, people still want to travel and connect. 


The next trip is scheduled for Lisbon, Portugal! Get feedback from top instructors as you take their regular classes in their home cities. Stay for more than a week to get to know dancers in Lisbon and really feel the city.

Panama - Lisbon - Miami - Puerto Rico - France - Curação all have so much to offer and Dalia is ready to tell all !




Until we are free from COVID, keep dancing and buy your dance gear from DanceVacay!

DanceVacay is committed to selling only truly biodegradable products whenever possible.

Make a statement against all of the needless waste that is poisoning our Earth, animals and humans alike! While consumerism is already a controversial topic, when you need something, opt for natural materials, such as cotton, linen, glass, metal whenever possible.


"Recycleable" products and plastics that claim to be "biodegradable" are actually rarely recycled and landfill conditions are abysmal for any item to have a chance to break down. Shop consciously.

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