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Top 5 Dance Videos from a Travel & Dance on YouTube

I uploaded my first videos onto YouTube circa 2015. Since then, there's been a total of 509,000+ views from among the 167 videos published on my YouTube channel dedicated to travel and dance.

Since then, these are the top 5 dance and travel videos:

1. Isabelle & Felicien, Lisboa Like Kizomba Festival

Views: 266,000 Although this after class demo was taken back in 2015, this couple was one of the first to introduce the world to Kizomba with a stunning video in Paris and they continue to mesmerize audiences.

2. Costa Rica Salsa Fest, 2016 Kizomba

Views: 53,000

Apparently there's something about two women dancing Kizomba that attracts viewers. Lucero Huitrón was the point person for Kizomba in Mexico, leading, teaching and dancing. In this video I highlight a couple of her tips and b-roll of the workshop she gave in Costa Rica.

3. Best 3 Tricks, Jojo & Mickaela

Views: 34,775

This is one of my secret favorites. This team was so powerful and as individuals are talented dancers. This is a top performance of the level and energy that you would expect from international stars, Jojo & Mickaela. Amazing trick after trick happen from minute 2:15 and on. Smoking hot

4. Carnavales, Panama, Las Tablas 2016, primer día

Views: 15,000

Las Tablas is known for the biggest carnival in all of Panama! They have two seasons for carnival; November and February. This video gives viewers a good glimpse of what the experience is in the town and inside one of the carnival grounds.

5. Marrakech salsa bachata kizomba pool party 2015

Views: 13,500

Afro-latin dances like Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba are danced all over the world. Even Marrakech! This festival is organized from Europe and attracts dancers from all over the world!

Top Bachata Sensual, UrbanKiz and Salsa Dance Videos

Those were the top videos of all time on this channel, but since the last DanceVacay in September to Paris for UrbanKiz and Spain for Bachata Sensual, there have been quite a few popular videos!

1. Salsa in Seville

Next on the list is from my DanceVacay in Seville, where I caught the end of a Salsa class at one of the most popular Latin dance nights. The SBK night is in a great bar-restaurant right on the river!

2. Bachata Sensual in Seville

With Bachata Sensual sweeping almost all new dancers, this video has been one of the favorites with many likes from my viewers! Selu and Cris are excellent teachers with great technique and Bachata Sensual moves.

3. UrbanKiz in Martinique

3. Jojo does it again! This time with his partner, Jenny at the Martinique Kiz Your Life (KYL) 2023 Festival they showed off their tricks and taught some advanced moves in their class.

The channel includes more Bachata Sensual, UrbanKiz and Tango demos from world-famous dancers! We also take a moment to talk about hot topics murmured in the dance community.

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